Le Tigre


“Who Took the Bomp” is a concert film that follows our band across 4 continents and 10 countries. It will be released as a DVD by Oscilloscope Laboratories on June 7th, 2011. For press inquiries please contact Girlie Action.

The film edits together 20 shows from our 2004-2005 world tour along with backstage footage and interviews. The movie highlights our motivations and the many ways we attempted to use humor when confronted with the inherent sexism and homophobia of the rock world.

It is 69 minutes long and includes bonus material. It was shot by Carmine Covelli and directed by Kerthy Fix.


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Great to be here you guys are great!

Comment by AirHammer Music

Glad to see you are online with a blog! Was great meeting JD in Orlando @ Peaches. Hope to see all of you perform in the future

Comment by andrew grover

Hi, well um im Katherine and im a 13 year old girl an i love u guys!!!! U guys are awesome! I admire u guys like so much! And um… I really love to sing and i wanna be a a singer in a band like u guys but i have no luck in findind girls like me who are serious about music and serious about sending out a message to other people and i have a really strong passion for singing but i dont think ill get to live the kind of dream u guys do

Comment by Katherine Rodriguez

katherine where u based? i have same problem and ive been looking for two years.

Comment by charlotte

Hi guys its katherine from that other comment about how im passionate bout singing and cant find other ppl to help me create a band … If u guys could help me out that be like totally awesome!

Comment by Katherine Rodriguez

when is the ON TOUR dvd gonna be released?? I WANNA SEE IT

Comment by adam george

June 7th, 2011. Thanks for asking!!!

Comment by theadventureclub

Hello, i would love to download the on tour documentary because I love it so much and would love to show my friends. is there a link to download it, or is it available on dvd for purchase? thank you 🙂 x x x

Comment by jessie

We are working on this right now and will alert everyone thru this blog when you can download it and purchase the dvd.

Comment by theadventureclub

The DVD is not available for download yet but it is for sale here:

Comment by theadventureclub

We listen to your records all the time, for years now. Musically so stands up – great work.

Comment by Lach & Suze

i want to see le tigre in Portugal. We need you to spread the word here!

Comment by dead by pregnancy

HI! LE TIGRE TO DENMARK? 😀 Copenhagen, come and play some nice music for us! and then enjoy our cold but pretty nice country. I think i need some Le tigre, please come, PEACE. out.

Comment by Soetkin Bang

hello!! come to argentina, we need youuu

Comment by mile


I am the Visual Arts Events Coordinator for hercircleezine.com, an online portal of women’s creative arts and activism, featuring socially engaged works of literature and art by women from around the globe.

One of the highlights of our website is Studio HCE, an online gallery dedicated exclusively to women’s art. Currently, we are organizing a series of virtual events and exhibitions for this space in honor of International Women’s Day. One of the events we have going on is a talk from artsit Kirsten McCrea who has created a project based all about your song Hot Topic.

“‘Hot Topic’ is a series of 60 paintings that portray each person mentioned in the Le Tigre song of the same name. The song is a tribute to feminist heroes of all stripes: artists, activists, writers, musicians and others. Many of the people in the song have strongly influenced my own development as an artist and activist but are relatively unknown outside of certain subcultures. In a world that celebrates Britney Spears but forgets the names of suffragists, I wanted to find a way to solidify the memory of the underground superstars whose creativity and ideas have made such a difference to feminists of my generation” – Kirsten McCrea, 2008.

I was hopeful that we might be able to make mention of it on your site?

Many thanks, Rebekah Jones

Comment by Rebekah Jones

We posted about it in our NEWS section! thanks!

Comment by theadventureclub

Is it only gonna be accessible to those in the US? That would suck. The rest of the world needs Le Tigre DVDs, too.

Comment by Person


Comment by Adriana

please! come to chile! !!!!!!

Comment by sebastian

Just watched it in Mexico!!!!!
A BLAST! YEAH!!!!! 😀

Comment by Lulú V. Barrera

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